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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Circle Play

In some ways this week has passed very quickly but in others it has passed slowly. We have both been sick this week...hubby with the flu and me with a cold. They say 7-10 days and today is day 8 so I guess by Tuesday we both should be back to normal. Yes? I'm not counting on it. I have to admit that I've let myself suck into being ill and have not gotten much done. Quilting or household tasks.

I did not get the flannel quilt layered and ready to quilt and I did not do the math on the border for Lime and Plums but I did work on scrappy Red, White and Blue blocks. It is comforting to go into the sewing room and work on something mindless and unchallenging and it is satisfying to see those blocks piling up. I will give you a peek of those sometime soon.

Today I am committed to working on the pieced border pieces for Lime and Plums and tomorrow, when I am home by myself, I need the kitchen table, I will get the flannel quilt layered.

But I am really excited about starting my circle quilt. I AM going to cut at least a few circles today. My photo does not do justice to the colors of the fabric I am going to use. As I've mentioned before I have wanted to do something with circles for years. See the tools/templates I've purchased towards that end? As if buying those made it happen! In the "old days" (this does seem to be a recurring theme in my posts!) people used cups or plates or anything that was circular, easy to draw around and the right size to make circles. Free stuff. Stuff you have around the house. But here I am looking to find the better mousetrap, spending more money without even trying the ones I've purchased. I don't know which tool/template I will use for my circles. Being so enamored with the rotary cutter I will probably use their version of the circle cutter. You can barely see it in the picture above. I've seen it demoed but haven't tried it myself. I'll let you know what I think.

Here is a link to the circle quilt that inspired me to finally start doing something with circles.
The funny thing is...for this I had to go out and buy a yo yo maker! I guess "had to" is an overstatement as again, our ancestors managed to make yo yo's without a tool. I admire those women. We are spoiled. We want everything now, instant gratification, and we want everything easy. I personally want things easier...not easy. Otherwise why not just go buy a blanket? We, who quilt, still like the comfort of our favorite quilts. Even with all the new gadgets making a quilt is not fast so like those women before us we find comfort in designing, making and using these wonderful "blankets" that we make with love.

So Love to you! Find some time to do something YOU love today.

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