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Monday, November 2, 2009

Years ago, while coloring in my coloring book, my Aunt Sandy(she is a whole 5 years older than I am) told me that I was coloring the clowns costume the wrong colors. According to her, clown costumes were red and yellow and the colors I was using, purple and red, belonged to gypsy costumes. Was she right?

We do associate different color combinations with holidays. Who decided that red, white and blue represent the 4th of July? Okay, I get that one...the color of our flag. How about and black? Now that I've written that I guess that one is explained by orange pumpkins and black cats or black witches hats. Red and green for Christmas...Christmas trees and Santa's suit of course!

Color is very powerful and the success of your quilt is dependant upon it. But the contrast of lights and darks is as important.

This red white and blue quilt is a scrap quilt. I wanted to stash bust and use up a lot of scraps and strips. And it is an "okay" quilt but how much more effective would it have been if I had used a more dominate color (more contrast) as the recurring color rather than the mid range blue? The diamond shapes would really have stood out.

Besides the blocks shown here....they will remain on the wall for the next couple of weeks, while I play with rearranging them to get the whites more evenly spread out, I have another 8 blocks finished. For only 8 more I could have enough for a baby quilt....I did like making those blocks....they were simple and I could listen/watch a movie while I was doing them. Okay, I talked myself into it. I'll do another 8 blocks.

That is AFTER I layer the flannel quilt!


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