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Monday, October 24, 2011

Design Wall Monday~October 24

Where was I last week? Actually I was here but there was nothing on the design wall. I didn’t think you would enjoy looking at batting with a lot of threads on it.

This week is not much better. I don’t seem to be getting quilting done but I’ve made curtains for the utility room out of this:

I’m making these pennants for the wall in the bedroom out of these:

Oh! And let’s not forget the cute pillowcases.  If you’ve not tried the “burrito” or “hotdog” style of pillowcases. You really need to! Quick and fun!  Look at this one:

And I’m continuing to quilt the Double Hourglass. I could do a whole post on the problems I’ve encountered but I don’t want to whine. I’m still in that learning curve. Actually the quilting should be finished today and then I will get the binding on this evening. So even tho’ there is not much on my design wall, I am being productive. (I’ve also been knitting!)

So even tho’ there is not much on my design wall, I am being productive. (I’ve also been knitting!)

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Design Wall Monday~October 10

Great Rainy Morning in the Pacific Northwest! I woke up to the sound of heavy rain and it made me need to go potty. TMI? I was thinking; does this mean I'm housebroken?
Here's a picture of my design wall. These blocks are for a fun swap over here: For me this is the perfect type of swap. You use your own fabrics and you decide how many you want to swap and you usually have a month to complete your blocks. It is so fun to see all the fabrics from others!

AND unlike Block Lotto which you know I also love, with this swap however many blocks you send in you are going to get that many back, so you WIN every time. I built forty blocks. Twenty I will send in and twenty I will keep to mix with the ones I get back. It's not to late to join "Teal We Meet Again" swap. Isn't that a great name? Chelsea also managed the last one for us and it's name was "A Blockwork Orange." Isn't she just too clever? Here is a picture of that completed quilt.
As for the rest of my projects? The binding is on the wall hanging. All 90 blocks are done for the double hourglass. I will get those sewn into a top this week. And I am ready to layer and quilt the small bowtie quilt. I have been productive!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Design Wall Monday~October 3

I am so boring! I'm still working on the same two quilt tops...Double Hourglass, you can see the group here:!/pages/A-Quilt-Block-A-Day/211113868950661

And the bright wall hanging from last week. I really should have that one done, but don't. Where does the time go? I realized yesterday that I didn't have a finish in September. Of course, it could be because the weather was gorgeous and it is my favorite month. I am ahead on my UFO's and also on the 11 in 11 program so I guess I'm okay. I'd better kick it this month tho'!~

And this month I decided to join the Flickr swap "Teal We Meet Again".

I had so much fun with many of these same ladies doing "A Blockwork Orange".

 And let's not forget Block Lotto. did not participate last month as the fabric choice was batiks and I had absolutely none. I looked at buying some and then remembered my mantra "from your stash, from your stash".

Just to have a picture to show, I am showing the Double Hourglass Blocks again. I have 44 different fabrics and there will be two blocks of each.

My commitment this month? Finish machine quilting the bright wall hanging, layer and quilt the small bowtie and finish my Halloween UFO from last year. I also have some traditional sewing of curtains to do....too bad I will have to spend so much time in my sewing room, huh?

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