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Monday, July 8, 2013

Design Wall Monday~July 8

On my design wall is the beginning of a new quilt. Am I supposed to be starting something new this month? Don't I already have enough to do in July? Is it on my July list?  It's not, but there is so much satisfaction in starting a new quilt. Especially one that will use up some of my already cut 2 1/2 inch squares. I deserve it is what I tell myself. Actually I told myself I can only work on this, one block a day 'cause I  have many other projects to finish this month. You may have noticed that I talk to myself a lot!

Here is the website with the directions and measurements for these blocks.

Also on my design wall are a few blocks from an earlier Block Lotto. I've just begun machine quilting them. And while I really liked the blocks. I'm now in love with the blocks with the quilting. I have two QAYG projects on my "to achieve" list this month and this is one of them.

Prior to these blocks  I have used two other QAYG techniques. One was a Fons and Porter technique where you actually did the whole quilt in thirds, quilting the center sections and then quilting the outer sections. I used that on "Pineapple Blossom".

When I did  "Swoon" I used another technique that required sashing.

For this quilt I didn't want sashing on the front and I  didn't want to have to hand sew sashing on the back. There are so many techniques available for QAYG. Just look at the Internet. Just look at YouTube. I was overwhelmed and the more I read the more I was confusing one way of doing it with another. So to help me, I did two sample blocks, and wrote my own notes. Now I have a permanent sample and notes.

I have been repairing, or supposed to be repairing, an old quilt belonging to my son. This was tied and is from the eighties. And finally, after almost two years I can cross it off my list.  No more repairs. Next time, instead of saying "this quilt needs to be repaired" I will say "you need a new quilt."

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Design Wall Monday-July 1

Actually this post should have another title. I'm not going to link it to Patchwork Times Design Wall. I guess I could call this "Wordless Monday" but you ought to know I can't keep my mouth shut even if it is repeating things you've heard before!

Having said that, the only pictures I have to share are repeats. With slight variations. Last week I shared "PotLuck" on the design wall and the top was not quite finished. Here is the finished top.

And here is what is on my tabletop. All repaired, rebacked and with new batting. I should be able to finsh the tying today and then, if I can stand having so much quilt on my lap in our over 90 degree weather, I will also get the binding on today. Okay, maybe the binding will be tomorrow morning when it is cooler.

So see? Nothing new. My husband even commented yesterday "you haven't been sewing much". The reason is....I told myself I couldn't sew anymore until I got the above repair job finished. We do have to set limits and goals for ourselves! Having said that, I have written a goal list for July that is pretty ambitious. I would share it here but there are a couple of gifts or surprises I'm working on and I don't want to give them away too early.

I hope you are managing to stay cool!