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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Last Day of 2012

Happy New Year!
I’ve not been here for a couple of weeks. Nothing new to report? Or just busy? Probably some of both.
I had said I wouldn’t start a new quilt and I haven’t, sorta. What does that mean? I’ve been wanting to do a Pineapple Quilt with my smallish reproduction scraps. I was inspired by this quilt on Craftsy.
And here are my blocks so far.

I had made a small pleated pineapple table runner for my Sis before and I had also done some Christmas blocks using the pleated technique. This time I wanted to do a larger quilt, I decided against the pleated technique, and I investigated many different ways of doing pineapples. I have several books and of course there is the ‘net for more ideas. I finally, after playing with the different techniques, have settled on using the “Foldy Stuff” and I made a template for cutting the trapezoid angle. Sooo, trying to come up with the correct lengths for each row and precutting those lengths I have actually made five usable blocks. Well, usable except I haven’t settled on the final fabric for the corners. But that is not starting a new quilt is it?

I’ve been having some problems with my neck and shoulders requiring two trips to the chiro’. It is much better as I’ve gone from being able to cut/sew for only about twenty minutes at a time to an hour and a half. Wonder how long it will take to work up to four or more hours at a time?

I did not get my son’s quilt fixed. My problems are twofold. One, I’ve had a problem finding quality poly/cotton in a color that would work for the fading that has happened over the years. I’ve bought three different ones so far and finally am happy with the black, but not the yellow. I’ve tried using a cotton broadcloth but it just doesn’t have the same look or feel of the older fabric. I’m going to keep looking. Secondly, remember I made this quilt about 25 years ago, my ¼ inch seam is a lot different now. Imagine that! So my first sample is much bigger than the original.

We quilters are known for having too many quilt projects going at one time. So what do you have going on that you consider “current” not UFO’s. I’m listing mine here for me as much as for you.

Joels Quilt Repair

The Row A Long but that is only one row every two weeks

Block Lotto but that is only the first of the month, except that once again I like the Sneak Peek Blocks for January so I’m making thirty for me and nine for Block Lotto. Sophie always has such great ideas for blocks and color combo’s.

Scrappy Rows quilt. I’ve now gotten rows finished in blue, green, red, yellow, orange, purple. I think I’m going to do another row in teal/aqua and one in a combo of black and brown. Then I will see where I am size wise.

Christmas Poinsettia. In the next week or so I should be receiving my swap blocks for this.

Pineapple Quilt

And I actually want to finish a UFO this month.

Too much? Who knows?



Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Aprons

I don't have much to write about today. For six days  my neck and shoulder have been giving me problems and although my husband has encouraged me to see our chiropractor. I've been resistant. I  feel better each day, so why spend the money? We'll see how today goes. Anyway, I've only been sewing in spurts of about twenty minutes each time. After that looking down at the sewing machine begins to stiffen up my neck. Annnnnyway!

I have about finished some aprons. I say "about" as I'm waiting for some decorative buttons I ordered to get here for the aprons and then, although the pattern doesn't call for it, I'm going to topstitch the two Four Corner aprons. Here:

I'm a terrible photographer but these are really cute, and easy. After you have cut the fabric you can do one in about an hour. You can find the pattern here:
The other two are very, very, cute AND flattering. Although you wouldn't guess that from my photos'. You know how sometimes things are much cuter on rather than hanging on a hanger?

This pattern is from:
I've encouraged our family to no longer trade gifts, but to trade time together instead. Other than the kids of course! So family members who read this, know these are not for you! Actually they are gifts for a non-profit group to which I belong. I only needed two but decided I should have backups.
I hope you are finding time to sew. Without pain. And that you are making progress on your Christmas list.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Monday~December 3

Good Morning!
Why is it that some mornings you just wake up with a full heart and really appreciate what you have? Nothing special happened yesterday. And I’m not bi-polar so it’s not like I wake up excessively happy one day and then are depressed the next, but this morning I woke up, “stoked the fire” (really, we have a woodstove), fed the dogs and then started going through fabric looking for more attractive combinations of dark, medium and light values to fulfill the requirements for this months Block Lotto. As I did this I was thinking about how lucky I am. Counting my blessings I guess. I have my health, a loving family, we are retired, and while not rich we have enough (1200 sq ft home and my hubby drives a 15 year old truck and my vehicle is 9 years old, so you can see we are not extravagant) and I have a fabric stash that, though it literally spans decades, I have fabric to choose from. Lucky indeed!

Okay! About this months Block Lotto. 

I mentioned last week that I had earned the right to be a “sneak peeker” and that means I got to do some sample blocks for Decembers block before the block and criteria for the block was released to all. The block is called “Star –Crossed” although I know some may know it by another name. Followers of this blog will remember that I just finished another quilt top with a block also often called “Star Crossed”

so I thought “I will just do a few for sneak peek and this months drawing and be done with it.” Darn it tho’! I became addicted to this block. Here are my first blocks.

Remember I am not allowing myself to start a new quilt this month as I have too many other things to do (snicker! How’s that working for me?) Anyway, the pattern between the two is slightly different but also what a difference going with a controlled palette versus a scrappy, almost anything goes palette, makes. While I love the brightness of the first one, I have to say that good scrappy quilts still have my heart.

We are in the season when everyone feels stressed and starts questioning their sanity. I hope that you have many mornings where you wake up with a full heart and can count your blessings.
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