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Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Aprons

I don't have much to write about today. For six days  my neck and shoulder have been giving me problems and although my husband has encouraged me to see our chiropractor. I've been resistant. I  feel better each day, so why spend the money? We'll see how today goes. Anyway, I've only been sewing in spurts of about twenty minutes each time. After that looking down at the sewing machine begins to stiffen up my neck. Annnnnyway!

I have about finished some aprons. I say "about" as I'm waiting for some decorative buttons I ordered to get here for the aprons and then, although the pattern doesn't call for it, I'm going to topstitch the two Four Corner aprons. Here:

I'm a terrible photographer but these are really cute, and easy. After you have cut the fabric you can do one in about an hour. You can find the pattern here:
The other two are very, very, cute AND flattering. Although you wouldn't guess that from my photos'. You know how sometimes things are much cuter on rather than hanging on a hanger?

This pattern is from:
I've encouraged our family to no longer trade gifts, but to trade time together instead. Other than the kids of course! So family members who read this, know these are not for you! Actually they are gifts for a non-profit group to which I belong. I only needed two but decided I should have backups.
I hope you are finding time to sew. Without pain. And that you are making progress on your Christmas list.


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