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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Still on the Background...

Comments on blogger favored the navy background and comments on Flickr favored the dark gray background. Equally! So it's like what happens on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and they ask the audience what they would choose and the numbers are so close you still have to decide on the correct answer yourself!

Then to make things harder, I saw Benny's choice of background. See this!

I was pretty sure I have some purples. I've not calculated my total need for the background so I don't know that I have enough of a couple of these but look!  Now what do you think?

I do like gray and navy but if you look at my Photostream on Flickr you will see that these are probably more my style.
Now what do you think? 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Background Help....Please!

I'm doing a Kaleidoscope Quilt Along at:
With more pictures to view at:

I am using up some blue/green, green/yellow scraps and I originally thought, to get away from the white I often use, that I would use the Kona daring is that? Not really that much removed from white but I thought "I like gray and turquoise/aqua together" Well, as you can see from the picture it is very boring and it might as well be white.

The quilt will be scrappy, these pieces are only representational, but basically it will consist of blue/green, yellow/green scraps. 
Now I need your help....I have dark gray Kona, Black Kona and Navy Kona in my stash...yes, I want to use from my stash. Subtle differences I know. Which do you prefer? The black is dramatic but I'm leaning toward the navy.  I was going to cut the solid tonight but now I'm going to wait for your input.  Thank you!

I will allow myself to buy something fun/new for the binding and backing. Next month! Remember, I'm on a budget  (except when my husband is out of town says my sister! tee hee!)


Monday, June 20, 2011

Design Wall Monday~June 20

Evolution of a scrappy quilt....I saw this cute, no pattern attributed, quilt and thought "I can draft that". That is the easy part. The math I can do but there is much more involved when you are doing it yourself. Kudo's to all you pattern designers! I decided to make the first block and use leftover fabric, fabric I didn't like very much, 'cause you know the first one isn't going to be good.  This is the first one:
What don't I like about this block....other than the colors green/white? Well for sure the center is too linear. It's not very interesting. Also I don't like the proportions. Once this is made into a finished block, the center will be too big for the outer blocks. IMHO!

So on to block two. This time I'm using fabrics that I like but I also know that I don't have enough of the dot to continue, but still, this is a learning block.

The proportion pleases me and the center block is alot more interesting but it still looks too "planned".

And two more:

Didn't I learn anything from the first one? There are a couple more angles but still......

This one, finally, I like! the picture does not do it justice

I have just enough of these two black/white and white/black prints to make thirty blocks which will make a toddler size quilt. I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of unsewing on these blocks.

Another fun thing on my design wall is placemats. My g'daughter, on her own, decided she wanted to make placemats as a wedding gift for a family friend. Tiffany is ten, almost eleven and she chose her own fabrics (with suggestions from our LQS), cut most of it herself and did all the sewing. Nana, me, helped with the binding. She has done a terrific job...don't you think?

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Design Wall Monday~June 13

June 13th? And I've not gotten much done this month. I still have my UFO to finish and I want to finish my Bricks quilt to at least the flimsy stage. Plus I have one more bee block to decide on and get done.We have been having some nicer weather...finally! And that has reduced my quilting time. I love living in the Pacific Northwest. As I've mentioned before, it gives me an excuse to not feel guilty about the hours I spend in my sewing room but once in a while, when the sun comes out, you either have to play outside or do yardwork (ewww!)

Anyway, what is on my design wall are the Pineapple Blossom blocks that I was lucky enough to win through Block Lotto.
As soon as I get all 27 of those I will add the ones I made and arrange and make this a quilt. Notice...I didn't say "make a flimsy" or "make a quilt top". I'm anxious to get this one done. I'm very excited and thrilled that I won...May only having been my second month entered in Block Lotto.

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I have another site I would like to share with you. Having recently retired I am quilting my own quilts now. I don't own a longarm and I quilt on my domestic machine. I've done  straight lines with the walking foot and I've done FMQ mainly on smaller quilts. I've enjoyed doing this but there are times I want to do a large quilt. I know that QYG~Quilt as you Go~ has been around a long time. I still have my Georgia Bonesteel books from the '80ies but there is renewed interest in QYG and lots of wonderfully talented people out there.  This is my new favorite website for inspiration, check it out! This is just one post, there are many on the site addressing QYG.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Design Wall Monday~June 6

I love trying new quilt blocks. And belonging to this virtual bee,, I get to try two new blocks each month. The designated person(s) each month get to choose their pattern and preferred colors. They may refer you to another website or tutorial for helpful directions. This is a scrappy bee so you are to be using your scraps. And I do, but I also "allow" myself to buy a new fat quarter for each block. Not that I always buy one, but I am "allowed" to by my rules. Shopping for fabric is fun!

Anyway, things do not always go as you would like. This month we are making a 12 1/2x12 1/2 hexie block. I like it, it looks simple enough. We were referred to a tutorial, and somehow what was written and what I think it meant did not match. People process information in different ways. I definately admire and love people that take the time to write to tutorials but it is difficult to get everyone to the same place.

My first block (okay! honestly this was my second attempt. I had already tried one and discarded it before doing this one...I didn't take a picture not knowing this was going to be the topic of todays blog)

Now this is pretty but certainly not hexie shaped. I did discover a new way (to me) to build some diamonds. As this was already my second block I thought "mmmm, maybe I should use some other scraps to understand what I'm doing rather than using the colors I want to send to Sandi."  Thus this block:
Okay! I've got that hexie shape going! Now on to a "real" block.  This one:

Now this is more like it! Except....I think the placement of the colors makes the block look choppy and uneven. Let's try one more time! And got this:

I liked this one best! Now that I've used more fabric than you would think necessary to make one block, do I get it count it in my monthly scrap usage?

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm so thrilled about this challenge. Seriously, without it would I have 7 UFO's finished this year? No! And  committing to the challenge encouraged me to go through my UFO's and send some tops off to a local charity. This is progress! Remember, I have some UFO's dating from the '80's. Old but not vintage!

This months was a small project, but many of mine are. Still finished is better than not.

I hope you are having as much getting these finished as I am.