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Monday, June 20, 2011

Design Wall Monday~June 20

Evolution of a scrappy quilt....I saw this cute, no pattern attributed, quilt and thought "I can draft that". That is the easy part. The math I can do but there is much more involved when you are doing it yourself. Kudo's to all you pattern designers! I decided to make the first block and use leftover fabric, fabric I didn't like very much, 'cause you know the first one isn't going to be good.  This is the first one:
What don't I like about this block....other than the colors green/white? Well for sure the center is too linear. It's not very interesting. Also I don't like the proportions. Once this is made into a finished block, the center will be too big for the outer blocks. IMHO!

So on to block two. This time I'm using fabrics that I like but I also know that I don't have enough of the dot to continue, but still, this is a learning block.

The proportion pleases me and the center block is alot more interesting but it still looks too "planned".

And two more:

Didn't I learn anything from the first one? There are a couple more angles but still......

This one, finally, I like! the picture does not do it justice

I have just enough of these two black/white and white/black prints to make thirty blocks which will make a toddler size quilt. I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of unsewing on these blocks.

Another fun thing on my design wall is placemats. My g'daughter, on her own, decided she wanted to make placemats as a wedding gift for a family friend. Tiffany is ten, almost eleven and she chose her own fabrics (with suggestions from our LQS), cut most of it herself and did all the sewing. Nana, me, helped with the binding. She has done a terrific job...don't you think?

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