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Monday, June 13, 2011

Design Wall Monday~June 13

June 13th? And I've not gotten much done this month. I still have my UFO to finish and I want to finish my Bricks quilt to at least the flimsy stage. Plus I have one more bee block to decide on and get done.We have been having some nicer weather...finally! And that has reduced my quilting time. I love living in the Pacific Northwest. As I've mentioned before, it gives me an excuse to not feel guilty about the hours I spend in my sewing room but once in a while, when the sun comes out, you either have to play outside or do yardwork (ewww!)

Anyway, what is on my design wall are the Pineapple Blossom blocks that I was lucky enough to win through Block Lotto.
As soon as I get all 27 of those I will add the ones I made and arrange and make this a quilt. Notice...I didn't say "make a flimsy" or "make a quilt top". I'm anxious to get this one done. I'm very excited and thrilled that I won...May only having been my second month entered in Block Lotto.

For more Design Wall fun, visit Judy's site

I have another site I would like to share with you. Having recently retired I am quilting my own quilts now. I don't own a longarm and I quilt on my domestic machine. I've done  straight lines with the walking foot and I've done FMQ mainly on smaller quilts. I've enjoyed doing this but there are times I want to do a large quilt. I know that QYG~Quilt as you Go~ has been around a long time. I still have my Georgia Bonesteel books from the '80ies but there is renewed interest in QYG and lots of wonderfully talented people out there.  This is my new favorite website for inspiration, check it out! This is just one post, there are many on the site addressing QYG.


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