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Monday, June 6, 2011

Design Wall Monday~June 6

I love trying new quilt blocks. And belonging to this virtual bee,, I get to try two new blocks each month. The designated person(s) each month get to choose their pattern and preferred colors. They may refer you to another website or tutorial for helpful directions. This is a scrappy bee so you are to be using your scraps. And I do, but I also "allow" myself to buy a new fat quarter for each block. Not that I always buy one, but I am "allowed" to by my rules. Shopping for fabric is fun!

Anyway, things do not always go as you would like. This month we are making a 12 1/2x12 1/2 hexie block. I like it, it looks simple enough. We were referred to a tutorial, and somehow what was written and what I think it meant did not match. People process information in different ways. I definately admire and love people that take the time to write to tutorials but it is difficult to get everyone to the same place.

My first block (okay! honestly this was my second attempt. I had already tried one and discarded it before doing this one...I didn't take a picture not knowing this was going to be the topic of todays blog)

Now this is pretty but certainly not hexie shaped. I did discover a new way (to me) to build some diamonds. As this was already my second block I thought "mmmm, maybe I should use some other scraps to understand what I'm doing rather than using the colors I want to send to Sandi."  Thus this block:
Okay! I've got that hexie shape going! Now on to a "real" block.  This one:

Now this is more like it! Except....I think the placement of the colors makes the block look choppy and uneven. Let's try one more time! And got this:

I liked this one best! Now that I've used more fabric than you would think necessary to make one block, do I get it count it in my monthly scrap usage?

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