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Monday, May 30, 2011

Design Wall Monday~May 30

I felt like doing something quick and simple. I am now going to do a white border and a pieced border I think. This is where the "Design Wall" will come in!  I didn't use it for this cutie quilt when arranging the colors.

Visit Judys for other, more challenging, design walls!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Design Wall Monday~May 23

Good Morning!

Thank goodness Judy sponsors Design Wall Monday, otherwise there would never be anything new on my blog. Visit Judy's site for other design wall photo's and stories.

I'm retired. You would think that I would have plenty of time to reflect and write but somehow I'm always busy!

The spiderweb blocks are still on the design wall but I thought you might be tired of seeing them. All the triangles are done. Yeaaa! And yesterday I started sewing those into blocks. No problem! Everything within the block matched easily but then....!! When I went to sew those blocks together, things were not matching so well!  Egads! How can they be off so much? Anyway, I will be working on that problem off and on but I do have to get the May UFO done. Nothing like procrastination! At least it is only a table topper  of four blocks. I spray basted it last night and will machine quilt today.

Here is a partial view of the May UFO. It was taken at a funny angle so the the bottom border blocks look odd. The wider ones are not really that disproportionate to the narrower ones. Really!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Design Wall Monday~May 16

What can I say? Progress! I'm right on track for my one "block" a day...remember a "block" is actually four triangles. There are a few fabrics I am going to swap out. My design wall is in a different room than my sewing machine. Next to each other, but still, if I want to see what scraps were used in a particular block I have to quit sewing and go to the other bedroom. I'm surprised how often I end up using the same colors for the last scrap in the triangle so I will be swapping out some of those for others. At least it is the last piece, the tip...easy to remove and replace.

In addition, last week I shared some Block Lotto Pineapple Blossom blocks. I enjoyed that block so much that I made nine for Block Lotto and an additional 20 for myself. I'm still hoping I win this month but if not I have a good start on a quilt from my own blocks.

I told my husband yesterday....I've got a lot to do this month he said "it's only the fifteenth. You still have two more weeks". He knows I work well under pressure.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Design Wall Monday~May 9

Doesn't look like much progress on the Spiderweb but I'm trying to do a section, four triangles a day. Even without graphing and drawing out the colors I'm happy with the way it is coming together. I will have to decide how big I'm going to make it. It's rather a quilt without a plan!

I did originally start with sewing the four sections together each day but found same prints too close together that I didn't like. I know! It's supposed to by scrappy and I shouldn't worry too much about this and I'm really not worrying about it "too much" but hey...a little attention to detail is required.

In some cases I have found that I have a difficult time...remember these are scraps pulled from a plastic tote and sorted by color as I go...making a consistent decision "should this be a blue/green or a blue? should this be a gold/yellow or an orange" I even began to wonder if maybe I'm a little color blind. Wouldn't it be simple to blame my lack of consistency on that? Again, I'm not worrying about it too much but I do have a piece in the first couple of "sewn together blocks" that I am going to move. It's not that it bothers me so much that I have it in a "blue" portion and in a "turquoise" portion but that they ended up being in the same foursome. In the same position. opposite each other, across the white stars.What are the odds of that?

So we are moving along! Now I just have to get busy this week and get two quilts spray basted and quilted. Orange Lattice and my May UFO, which is a Dresden Plate Table Topper. Funny how patterns go in and out of popularity.



Monday, May 2, 2011

Design Wall Monday~May 2

Good Morning!

I feel pretty perky this morning! I mean this is Oregon and we have had the third ever wettest April since they've been keeping records, but we did have a nice day yesterday. It lifts everyones spirits. I am managing to keep myself busy. With QUILTING! I am going to try to get more knitting and embroidery done this month. Maybe it will be nice and I can sit outside and do it.

Look at the beginning of this Spiderweb!  I often say "my stash is old, my stash isn't very inspiring" but going through my cut, left over strips, old and new I am able to find bright colors. My last Spiderweb, which was my first full size quilt, was done in muslin and all colors were from the green family.  Wait, I must have a picture!

But this new Spiderweb will include many colors. Each "web" will be a different color.The spiderweb pattern is made by starting with a triangle base (paper or foundation) and you don't make the octagons, you make blocks which as a secondary pattern form the octagons. Thus planning is required. Not my strong suit. Here is the beginning on my design wall.

Pretty, Isn't it?

The other blocks on my design wall are for Block Lotto. Don't know about Block Lotto? Check it out. It's  perfect for someone who a)likes to gamble (it is lotto, remember!) b)doesn't have time for a formal swap or bee every month (you only participate in the months for which you have time) and c)Like the block? Make the maximum and up your chances or winning. Don't like the block? Make one or a few and donate your chances/blocks.  These are simpler blocks but fun and fast to do. Visit here

The Pineapple Blossom is the May block. Yes, I already have mine done! Visit Bonnies website for a finished version or get directions on how to use up those scraps.

Last months Block Lotto pattern was this.

I donated these blocks, but I am keeping my chances for the Pineapple Blossom. My husband ...who seldom comments on things on the design wall said "I like that one!"

So to see more "Design Wall" and be inspired go see Judy!

Now I'm off to build a fire in the woodstove. It may be sunnier but it's still a little cool.