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Monday, May 16, 2011

Design Wall Monday~May 16

What can I say? Progress! I'm right on track for my one "block" a day...remember a "block" is actually four triangles. There are a few fabrics I am going to swap out. My design wall is in a different room than my sewing machine. Next to each other, but still, if I want to see what scraps were used in a particular block I have to quit sewing and go to the other bedroom. I'm surprised how often I end up using the same colors for the last scrap in the triangle so I will be swapping out some of those for others. At least it is the last piece, the tip...easy to remove and replace.

In addition, last week I shared some Block Lotto Pineapple Blossom blocks. I enjoyed that block so much that I made nine for Block Lotto and an additional 20 for myself. I'm still hoping I win this month but if not I have a good start on a quilt from my own blocks.

I told my husband yesterday....I've got a lot to do this month he said "it's only the fifteenth. You still have two more weeks". He knows I work well under pressure.


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