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Monday, May 9, 2011

Design Wall Monday~May 9

Doesn't look like much progress on the Spiderweb but I'm trying to do a section, four triangles a day. Even without graphing and drawing out the colors I'm happy with the way it is coming together. I will have to decide how big I'm going to make it. It's rather a quilt without a plan!

I did originally start with sewing the four sections together each day but found same prints too close together that I didn't like. I know! It's supposed to by scrappy and I shouldn't worry too much about this and I'm really not worrying about it "too much" but hey...a little attention to detail is required.

In some cases I have found that I have a difficult time...remember these are scraps pulled from a plastic tote and sorted by color as I go...making a consistent decision "should this be a blue/green or a blue? should this be a gold/yellow or an orange" I even began to wonder if maybe I'm a little color blind. Wouldn't it be simple to blame my lack of consistency on that? Again, I'm not worrying about it too much but I do have a piece in the first couple of "sewn together blocks" that I am going to move. It's not that it bothers me so much that I have it in a "blue" portion and in a "turquoise" portion but that they ended up being in the same foursome. In the same position. opposite each other, across the white stars.What are the odds of that?

So we are moving along! Now I just have to get busy this week and get two quilts spray basted and quilted. Orange Lattice and my May UFO, which is a Dresden Plate Table Topper. Funny how patterns go in and out of popularity.



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