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Monday, October 10, 2011

Design Wall Monday~October 10

Great Rainy Morning in the Pacific Northwest! I woke up to the sound of heavy rain and it made me need to go potty. TMI? I was thinking; does this mean I'm housebroken?
Here's a picture of my design wall. These blocks are for a fun swap over here: For me this is the perfect type of swap. You use your own fabrics and you decide how many you want to swap and you usually have a month to complete your blocks. It is so fun to see all the fabrics from others!

AND unlike Block Lotto which you know I also love, with this swap however many blocks you send in you are going to get that many back, so you WIN every time. I built forty blocks. Twenty I will send in and twenty I will keep to mix with the ones I get back. It's not to late to join "Teal We Meet Again" swap. Isn't that a great name? Chelsea also managed the last one for us and it's name was "A Blockwork Orange." Isn't she just too clever? Here is a picture of that completed quilt.
As for the rest of my projects? The binding is on the wall hanging. All 90 blocks are done for the double hourglass. I will get those sewn into a top this week. And I am ready to layer and quilt the small bowtie quilt. I have been productive!

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