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Monday, November 9, 2009

A Color by Any Other Name~

What color is this?

Yes, I did take the pictures myself. Thanks for asking!

This weekend Mom, Joanne and I were together having lunch and I mentioned that a new woman had cut my hair and she commented on how pretty my "silver" hair was and how lucky I was to have it. Mom seemed to think my color was more a "gun metal gray" while I said that I had once had a Datsun that was silver and it's color was called "Diamond Dust". Both Joanne and I agreed that "Diamond Dust" sounded prettier and was closer to my hair color than "gun metal gray". Within moments we were again talking about color, this time commenting on a car that was parked outside, it wasn't "white" it was pearl. Mom said "Oyster". You gotta laugh! And we did laugh. When we use fancy words for colors it is going to be hard to come to an agreement what that color really is.

What color do you think Crayola's crayon "Macaroni & Cheese" is? Some will picture it more orange or more yellow or even more white (think about white cheddar).

I think artists that work with oils probably know the true names of more colors than most of the rest of us. I have heard them use the names of their oils and can picture exactly what color they mean. Pure, true, color.

Still, coming up with pretty names is fun.


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