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Monday, November 23, 2009

So Many Quilts, so little time..

I'm sure we have all said the phrase, probably more than once, "So many quilts and so little time." So what do we do about it? I found this little wall hanging at a wonderful bazaar that I went to on Friday. The bazaar was exactly what I think bazaar's should be. Handmade items, made by four women. Three generations were represented. They made everything themselves. They had a great variety. Painted, knitted, quilted, baked. Lots of wonderful items to choose from. Good Job Diane, Vicki, Connie and Mom! I was not disappointed at this bazaar, this is what I wanted, items that warm our home even when we don't find the time to make them ourselves.

But I digress...I bought this wall hanging because I like Amish Quilts. I will never make one but this one touched me and I thought "Why not have one, even a small one, even if I'm not going to make one?"

We all have to choose on what we are going to spend our quilting time. I choose to do lots of scrap quilts and I choose to make quilts that aren't too difficult for me. I've quilted for years but I don't like to start a project that is likely to become a UFO after doing the first block. I know some people who love big challenges. Not me! I like little challenges. I'm struggling with my circle quilt. Not because I think it is too hard for me but because there are lots of decisions to make. You've seen my previous posts about deciding how to cut the circles and I have to tell you that after cutting my circles and doing some yo-yo's that I'm glad I took the time to try the differents tools. Now I am struggling with what applique technique to use. I've done turned edge applique, I've done freezer paper applique, I've done fusible applique and I've done machine applique. You would think with this experience that a decision would be easy but....all my other projects have been forgiving. I don't think circles are very forgiving. I want my circles to be circles, knife edge sharp. So I hope, in the near future, after more experimenting, to be able to actually start the blocks for this quilt and to share pictures. Trust me...although it is taking me a long time to get started, this quilt will be done!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving planned. I'm thankful that I have good friends, a great family and time to indulge my quilt passions.

Hugs to All,

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