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Monday, December 7, 2009

She Loves Circles, so...???

So where is the circle quilt? I've decided that the circle quilt I wanted to make will have to wait. Even tho' I have the circles cut for it, even tho' I've been making the cute little yo-yo's for it. I just can't get perfect enough circles. The original quilt ,, used raw edged circles. I wasn't wild about them so I decided that I wanted to do applique. But doing bright colors, on a white background, really show the flaws in an imperfect circle. So my choice raw edges or wait until I am able to make more perfect circles. The quilt size I was going to do requires 58 circles. Yikes! Too much time to spend on something that I may end up hating. So for now circles are out. Maybe I will learn to like raw edges!

So I am going to work on something easier to at least get one quilt top done this month. Something with soft colors maybe. Then maybe I will do the Cameo quilt (top left). It's circular without having to make "circles". What do you think?

Even tho' Christmas is coming...find time for yourself and do what you like to do!


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