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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Learning to Blog~Friends & Flowers

I have complained more than once about my inability to get the pictures where I want on the post. This morning, having read my posts like any new person would, I found that it is much more interesting if you have a pretty picture at the very beginning. So....even when I don't feel I have a picture that represents my current topic I will be including pictures of past quilts, or more likely flimseys (unquilted tops). Now that I am venturing into free motion quilting I WILL get those quilted.

This pattern is called Friends & Flowers. I finished the top earlier this year. This is the size of quilt I should do more often. Get away from those BIG ones.

One weekend, when I get brave and am ready to hold myself accountable, I will get into the armoire and plastic boxes and catalog all the unfinished quilts, quilt tops and cut fabric waiting to be made into quilt tops. I will bravely share those numbers with you.

Now look at this! This time I was able to get pictures in two different places in my post. Amazing!

For now...I'm going to go work on the Lime & Plum. Get those blocks squared and sewn together and do the math to begin the pieced triangle side borders. Wish me luck!


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