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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pretty October Days

Oh Fall, lovely fall. I've always said September was my favorite month but what I really meant was September when it had days like the last several days. I like colder nights, cooler days, falling leaves, fresher air and blue skies. So maybe due to global warming maybe just this year or maybe forever more, for the purpose of this post anyway, I'm saying "October is my favorite month".

I've been lucky to have had five days off and with Gene gone I've been very self indulgent. In the "old days" I set large household projects for myself when he was gone. I wanted him to be surprised by what I had gotten done when he came back but now....I just indulge me and I'm surprised how good this feels.

I've tried to spend half of today doing chores, things that need to be done. My definition of chores is little jobs that probably no one else would notice had been done. Such as washing and hanging clean, or even different, curtains, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning cupboards, sweeping the decks and porch and cleaning up flower beds. Small but satisfying in their completion.

Don't worry. I did sew. I did make significant progress on all those pesky flying geese blocks. I've gotten better at them. No big trick other than consistency in marking, cutting and pressing. Common requirements in all of quilting but more forgiving when you are dealing with squares or rectangles rather than triangles.

I've included pictures of the quilt I'm currently calling "Lime and Plums". I'm not really happy with that name. I think there needs to be the word "Pizzazzz" in there somewhere as there are the "Z"s formed by the lime lines going through the blocks. If you have a name suggestion please forward it to me.

By this weekend I should have the flannel quilt top done and my goal is to have it layered, basted and ready to quilt by Monday. I'll let you know how I do....complete with pictures.

Back to work tomorrow which probably means shorter posts. I'll be thinking of you tho' and thinking about what things I could be sharing with you.

Have a lovely evening, breathe the air.


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