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Monday, October 5, 2009

A "Quilty" Conscience?

Obviously a play on words for "Guilty". What do I have to feel guilty about? I'm not sure but whatever it is I am sure it's by someone elses definition!

Could it be:

The large stash in my room?

The many unquilted tops also there? (I'll do an inventory soon and report it here)

How about the tops waiting for binding? (At least not too many of those!)

How about the fact that other than feeding the horses yesterday I didn't leave the house but sat around in sweats (they are like adult pajamas, aren't they?) and sewed and read and napped? Lazy self indulgence, but worthy of guilt? Oh, I don't think so!

Most of my quilts are not made for a purpose. I make them for me. (Another reason for guilt?) I like to try colors, I like to try new patterns and then at the end I'm attached to them and don't want to give them up. One of the best things that ever happened to me was after a couple glasses of wine (this part has happened more than once) I've offered people a finished quilt. The next day I have regrets but too late! But in this instance it was my Aunt Sandy and I let her pick a quilt. Months later she returned it....not because I whined but because she felt she wasn't using it enough and that it should return "home". What a lovely surprise to open that box from her and see my quilt returned. Maybe that is what I should do, after imbibing in a little alcohol, offer to lend a quilt or let someone "foster" a quilt then I could always look forward to getting it back.

Anyway, I am actively working on three quilts right now. One is on the design wall while I move the blocks around plus I am warming up to doing a border for this one that requires some planning. I made the quilt bigger than the pattern so the math on getting the border right will be challenging. Secondly I am working on a strippy scrap quilt in red, white and blue. This is my "easy" quilt. The one that I can go in there and sew without any planning. I can get blocks done quickly and feel like I've been productive. The last quilt is flannel with lots of flying geese. That's a type of triangle block for you none quilters. I'm hurrying to get this one done and will machine quilt it myself. It is getting to that time of year where we all need a snuggly quilt.

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