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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Trick Question...

What is this? Don't answer too quickly the obvious to you might not be what is obvious to me.
Having done some curved piecing earlier this year I've been thinking about doing a quilt with circles. I've always loved circles and even tho' Joanne got me a book a few years back, that I was dying to have, with all circle quilts, I've not yet made one.
What was obvious to me about these socks, is that these colors are perfect for my circle quilt. The background is rather a heatherish blue which doesn't show too well in the picture but I thought the colors would translate well into my circle quilt. But....I had also been thinking about doing a circle quilt that included some retro combinations. Combinations that I used when I used to make my own clothes in high school. Dare I say in the '60ies? Late '60ies. Okay, mid 60ies. Yes, I am that old! Anyway I had made one shirt that was lime with turquoise dots and one that was pink with orange dots. So shortly after deciding I would do a circle quilt in the colors of the socks I saw some sheets at Target that had my retro colors on a white background. Now what do I do? I love both! I did not buy the sheets, by the way. Then I remembered...I am supposed to be reducing my stash and I have lots of Kona White and Kona Snow for a background but no heatherish blue. So with that in mind I am going for the retro dots. Do I have to buy a few fat quarters to fill out the colors? Yes. But I won't be spending the money on the background....I will be using some of my stash!
Enjoy this fall weather. I am!

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