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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Not "My Space" the social website that competes with "Facebook" but "My" Space. Seeing this picture you may think you have stumbled upon a hunting website but you haven't. "Fred" shares my sewing room. (No offense to our personal, bluegrass playing Fred but Fred the elk was named before I met you).
Our house was originally built in 1926 on a dairy. It was the "milkers house." That is how they referred to it. The house is small with some rooms having higher ceilings than the others. My sewing room happens to have a high ceiling so Fred fits here. He is a benevolent presence but I find him to be a terrible dust collector. He certainly will not be my roomate when we build a new house.

Please notice I do call my space "the sewing room". I've tried to convince myself that as I am in there being creative that it is okay to call it a studio. Many people refer to their studio but it just doesn't work for my space Even when people ask "Do you sew" and my respose is "No, I quilt" I can't bring myself to say with a straight face "in my studio". So even tho' my DH brags to people that I am a "Master Quilter" I don't have a "studio".

I am lucky that my husband appreciates quilts and I love that in his eyes I am a Master Quilter. I do caution him that "Master Quilter" is a specific term and that it does not apply to me. I said I'm more of a "so so quilter". Of course I would be offended if he used that term to describe my abilities!
Back to My Space. I've included a few pix although they aren't positioned in the blog where I wanted them. I've not cleaned up....this is as it normally looks. My cutting table was built to the correct height for me and it has made a big difference in how I feel about cutting. No bending . Every surface in this room, the cutting table, the sewing table and the armoire could be less cluttered but what can I say? This is My Space and I'm comfortable.
I'll say goodbye for now. Have a terrific weekend. Take some time to quilt.

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