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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Quick Post! No Pix!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years. I was sleeping but my DH took my hand, which woke me, and we watched the ball drop and kissed. Very sweet. Very nice.

So with the New Year I'm participating in some fun challenges and projects. I'm so glad I found bloggers and Flickr! My January projects now include finishing #3 on my list of UFO's, at least it is a smaller quilt, although there is piecing to finish, then layering, quilting and binding. I'll post a picture as soon as I dig out the project!

My January challenge for a monochromatic quilt is "Yellow". Not my favorite color and I didn't really think I would have enough but by including "gold" as "yellow" (it is ya know!) I came up (I think!) with enough different shades, values, to be able to make this quilt happen. We are allowed a background fabric of Ecru, white or black if we would like. At first I thought white for something frothy and light but now I'm thinking black, more contrast. I could even break the rules and use gray. I was told there was no color police watching this challenge, it's just an opportunity to use those scraps. I'll keep you posted. I am excited tho'. Last night I chose a pattern and cut strips, not yet sub-cut, with which to make the blocks.

But this morning I'm back to working on the turquoise, green and pink, as yet nameless quilt. I think I should be able to get the top done this weekend.  Okay! I said no pictures but here is one!

I hope everyone has a fantastic 2011 filled with fun challenges. Such as those in which I've chosen to participate.

Hugs! Toni


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