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Monday, January 24, 2011

Design Wall Monday~January 24

This is what is on my design wall today...and actually what was on it last Monday. I didn't get to share as my computer was sick and visiting the "Computer Doctor".

This is my UFO for this month. Yes, I am getting right down to the wire if I'm to get it done by the end of this month. Just one short week away! But my dilemma has been "do I even want to finish this project". After getting it out, putting it on the wall and reading the directions again I've come to a conclusion. UFO's became UFO's because you either didn't like the fabric, didn't like your quality of work or just didn't understand the pattern directions. Originally this became a UFO because the next border was very time consuming. And I found the directions a bit difficult. But I do have that border pieced. I also have to say there is one fabric in there, a cheap one that I bought to fill in a color (yellow!), that I hate. And now I don't want to take the time to take those squares out. I have been asking myself for two I want to invest any more time into this project? And not only that, do I want to invest the cost of batting and using the backing fabric for this project or something else?

I have decided to finish this quilt at the size it is now. 55x55. No fancy borders. Besides the reasons that made it a UFO, I just don't particularly like this quilt top anymore. It is no longer "me". I think it will make a fine table cloth, picnic blanket or car blanket and it will be finished. And that decision, frees me to try a new free motion quilting design without the worry of ruining something I really like.

I've decided that my interpretation of a finished UFO can be that I'm finishing it where it is now, not to the pattern directions, or even, I can be "finished" with it by donating the top. At last, a decision made!

Now I have to go layer the quilt. I pieced the backing last night.


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