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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Monochromatic Quilt Challenge

Judy at is hosting several monthly challenges. The one I am participating in in the Monochromatic Quilt Challenge. Each month a color will be chosen at random and we will complete a project of our choice using only that color...with either white, ecru or black as a background as needed.  So busy months I plan on making a smaller project and less busy months will allow for a larger project...that is if I have enough of that months color. No buying fabric for these challenges!

This months color is yellow.  I was surprised that I had as many yellow/golds as I did. Last night I dug them out. And "dug out" is an appropriate descriptive phrase. And  I chose a pattern, see below, and I cut strips. Today I subcut strips and split all the components for each block onto cheap paper plates. One block per plate. I had planned on doing a baby quilt but that would only take 12 blocks. Now, as I do have such a variety of yellows, I'm considering doing two baby quilts or a lap quilt. As the month progresses I'll let you know what I've decided.

Not a very good picture...I've got to get my camera manual out and find out how to turn off the flash. Someday! Remember, my quilt will be all yellow/golds with black backgrounds. Keep your fingers crossed that I still like it after I do my first couple of blocks!

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