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Friday, January 7, 2011

Liberated Quiltmaking

I encourage you to take a look at the link below. We are doing a study of free form, free pieced quilting. See my two birds? These were done without patterns and without specific measurements. And I will try different things when I do more birds. I already have new ideas. This liberated, unruly, free form, quilt style is very fun! You should join the study and try something new.

I was slow to warm to "wonky" (see photo's below) style blocks but now find them very fun. I was late in catching the liberated train when Gwen Marston first introduced it back in around 1998, I think. Now I've found myself interested in pursuing this type of quilt design.

Sometimes I "want" things, and think I'm "entitled" to them, now! The first Gwen Marston book "Liberated Quiltmaking" is out of print. Everyone raves about it! So I went to Amazon and EBAY and found lots of offerings for the up to over $100.00. Sure, there were lower priced ones, around $40.00 for a soft cover book, but I decided I wasn't that "entitled". Especially as I've never even seen the book itself. So I checked the library and found that our system has one! I'm now anxiously awaiting it's delivery from Lake Oswego to Molalla. Who knows? After reading it I might decide it is worth the $40.00 but at least it will be a informed decision not just 'cause I feel "entitled".

I would like to make a book recommendation-Tonya Ricucci's book "Word Play Quilts". "Easy Techniques from the Unruly Quilter". Fun book on putting words into your quilts with two important rules "If it's too long, cut it off" and "If it's too short, add to it."  It's a pieced technique, not applique.

Now I"m off to the sewing room!  Enjoy!

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