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Monday, January 10, 2011

Design Wall!

Here is today's design wall!  You will see my first attempts at letters from Tonya's book.  I could have changed the "Y". I could have learned to do a more difficult "W" rather than opting for the option of turning an "E" on it's side but I wanted my first attempt to look like my first attempt. I like it! With the "word" are the other components of the back I am going to piece for yellow. Today!

The middle strips are borders for my UFO for January. Yes, I dug it out and yes there is more work to do than I remembered.

And! All the blue/green blocks are done. I was so excited! Until putting it on the wall today (remember I've had parts of it up before) I see a piecing error(s). Yuck! Often this type of problem would disgust me and this project would become a UFO. I am very unhappy with myself. I'm afraid to count how many blocks are done incorrectly, I know it is somewhere inbetween 12-24. Dang! Well, thank goodness for a design wall where I can see it before the blocks are sewn together. This mistake involves bias triangles so after unsewing I may have to recut a bunch.

You can see I have work to do today. It is not nearly as much fun to unsew and resew as it is to sew new. Wish me luck!


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