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Sunday, January 30, 2011

MSQB-February is my Month!

MSQB-Modern Stash Quilting first virtual quilting bee on Flickr! February is my month. In this bee we each get to choose a block and the Bee members make your block from their fabric stash. I am so excited! For months I have been thinking about what block do I want? I've made lists and revised them several times but the Liberated Churn Dash by Sarah at has been on every list.  I was concerned, as we have many beginning quilters in our group, that the lack of structure in a liberated block might be intimidating, rather than freeing. I decided I had better build a block from the tutorial before I made my decision.  This is my first block

Somehow this doesn't say "Churn Dash" to me. But the block was fun to build and I was willing to try again.

Hey! This is much better! What clarification would I add to the original tute? I would say when making the second cut on the corners remember to think "triangle". The part of the foundation to which you are adding colored fabric scraps should look like a triangle. It's liberated, you don't need to have an exact angle but do think triangle. At the same time, when making the second cut on the corners, think about cutting this triangle wider than the pieced "bars" both horizonally and vertically. Both of these considerations lead to a better Churn Dash.

I did do a third block and on this one I used bigger scraps. Do I like the chunky one as well as the skinny one?  I do!

 I think this will be a fun block for the group. I am also going to offer a standard Churn Dash as an option. I picture a quilt top that has both the standard and liberated blocks. But I'm hoping that everyone at least tries one liberated block before going for the standard block.

Isn't this fun?


p.s. You can see other liberated churn dashes on the Sew Modern Bee.

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