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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Don't you just love questionnaires?

I found this one on Do you remember loving doing magazine questionnaires? The one you took took to find out "if he loves you". Very popular in teen magazines, womens magazines and the infamous "Cosmopolitan". That was a fairly shocking magazine late in the sixties, early seventies. Now I would rather answer questions to get to know people not to decide is someone loves me.
Copy and paste, and then answer the questions, and tell me you did so I can learn about you, too!

1. Sweet or Savoury?

2. Dresses or Jeans?

3. House or Apartment?

4. Shop Online or Offline?

5. DVDs or Downloads?

6. Cocktails or Juice?

7. Chocolate or Strawberry?

8. Laptop or PC?

9. Magazines or Newspapers?

10. Facebook or Twitter?

11. CDs or MP3s?

12. Kids or Pets?

13. Cookies or Cupcakes?

14. Walk or Run?

15. Breakfast in Bed or Breakfast Out?

16. Market or Supermarket?

17. Sourdough or Grainy?

18. Heels or Flats?

19. Late nights or Not?

20. Coffee or Tea?

My answers

1. Sweet or Savoury? Savory, unless there is chocolate involved

2. Dresses or Jeans? Jeans, sweats, shorts...seldom dresses
3. House or Apartment? House! But as I get older a condo appeals, if they didn't have a limit on pets.

4. Shop Online or Offline? I love to visit quilt stores and fabric shops but otherwise, let me buy online!

5. DVDs or Downloads? DVD's

6. Cocktails or Juice? Juice! I'm loving that they now have lower cal' orange juice and cranberry juice.

7. Chocolate or Strawberry? Chocolate!  Do you know how many people are allergic to strawberries? I don't want to take the chance.

8. Laptop or PC? Well, I have a PC but would love to have a laptop. It's a "want" or "need" situation.

9. Magazines or Newspapers? Quilting Mags and On line news

10. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook...more so in the beginning not so much now.

11. CDs or MP3s? MP3's, what can I say, I love my IPOD(s)

12. Kids or Pets? Heck!  Kids are great but they grow up and leave you. Pets need you until they die :-(

13. Cookies or Cupcakes? Cookies and more cookies! They are better than potato chips but like potato chips I can't manage to eat just one. (Wait a minute! Does this just contradict the answer to question #1?)

14. Walk or Run? How middle of the road can I be? I would rather run than walk. Running makes me feel like a kid again but I find that I (in my sixties) have to interject alot of walking into the running.

15. Breakfast in Bed or Breakfast Out? Breakfast out...but only if I can have a sandwich. I'm not a big breakfast food kind of person.

16. Market or Supermarket? hmmm, tough question. Market for grocery shopping, supermarket for one stop shopping.
17. Sourdough or Grainy? Grainy!

18. Heels or Flats? My favorite shoes have always been a pair of red high heels...but now I would rather wear red tennis shoes. Hey! A fashion statement. They still get attention, just a different sort of attention!
19. Late nights or Not? If I can have a day time nap...late nights! But I still get up early, 5:30 or earlier.

20. Coffee or Tea? Cocoa...not hot chocolate, Cocoa!

I hope you had fun!  I did!

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