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Friday, December 3, 2010

Why are my Quilts like my Potato Salad?

'Cause they both end up being bigger than I originally planned!

I like to make baby quilts that are around 36x45inches but, even with careful planning and the use of a calculator, it seems that at the last minute I decide to add extra borders or wider borders, or just more rows! Oh well! The bigger they are the longer they will use them!

And potato salad...I don't know anyone that knows how to make just a little potato salad. And who would want to?

I hope everyone enjoyed this day of sunshine. I cut all the pieces for a baby quilt but I haven't yet done a stitch of sewing. Maybe later!

I'm working on two baby quilts using Whirlygiggles. The picture is the blocks for one. The other is brighter. I'll post those blocks soon.


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