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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Procrastination or Inertia?

I did not sew yesterday. It was the perfect day for it....rainy, nothing planned with DH and I didn't need to go shopping.  Now the question I've been pondering is was it Procrastination or Inertia that stopped me from sewing?

I am not working on a quilt, I'm making some Christmas Table Runners to have on hand for unexpected guests and also as small gifts for a group I belong too.  They are quick and fun to do and I get to use up scraps of fabric and leftovers of batting so I feel  virtuous. I had sewn them together on Friday and yesterday I cut the backings to size, cut the bindings and sewed scraps of batting together to make the proper sizes, where necessary and there it stops.

The reason? I need/want to try/learn something new. The "new" is a different method of finishing bindings. I've done it the same way for years and it's always been a little bulky where the end joins up with the beginning but it's been "satisfactory" to me. But now...I want it to be terrific! I need/want to try/learn a new method. I've tried it once and failed which means I will now rewatch a YouTube video and re-read directions and try to get it right this time. And I will. Today. But did I put it off of due to inertia or was it procrastination?

Learn something new everyday!

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