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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh My Goodness!

I'm really into the quilting world again. Thanks to all the wonderful blogs out there! I'll give specific credit in another post. I've been productive but have not been taking care of older quilt tops, not yet quilts. I'm now involved in a UFO Challenge, beginning in January, which forced me to go through my UFO's (too many to list!) and chose ten to finish this next year. Wish me luck! The fun part is the moderator will, each month, give you a random number from 1 to 10 and that is the quilt you will (with good intent!) finish that month. Obviously you have to assign numbers, 1-10, to each of your unfinished projects. I also found there are 3 tops from the '80ies that I will not bother finishing. Freeing up more room for finished quilts or more quilt tops.

Annnnd, I have joined two virtual quilting bees for 2011. Those will be fun!

It's amazing how our tastes change! I have several (is several 3-5?)tops that are reproduction, '30ies style fabric that I will finish but I am pretty much done with '30ies. Give me bright, lots of white now! Of course I expect next year to bring other changes in taste!

My newer sewing machine (10 years old) is going into the shop tomorrow. Just when I got really enthused about machine quilting! So today I'm back to using my back up about 35 years old. It certainly is noisier, slower and doesn't have as many options (no needle down? what?) but at least it will allow me to indulge my sewing addiction, until I get my favorite, Tamara is her name, a play on the word "tomorroa', back.

I hope your "addiction" brings you as much pleasure as mine does.


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