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Monday, July 23, 2012

A Finish and Second Thoughts

Bright and sunny here this morning. We deserve it! This is Oregon and we are used to gray skies but, supposedly, our summer starts July 5th and lasts through September, but this month has been a mix of too many thunderstorms and gray days. I guess I shouldn't be complaining when so much of the country is suffering from extremely high temp's. I don't do heat well.

I finished one of the baby quilts I had set for myself this month. Here is a whole view and a view with the backing turned up.

Can you see the simple machine quilting? I wanted something fast and simple and although stitching in the ditch gets the job done, I think double stitching on either side of the seam makes it a bit cuter. I like the little squares it forms at the intersections.

Centering blue painters tape on the seam and then sewing either on both sides of the tape makes it easy to be accurate. Love the 3M tape!

Last week I showed you the three sashings I was considering for my strip quilt. My original thought had been the black and white but then I wasn't sure I liked that fact that the two colors changed the intersecting stars into a different star. Not a repeat of what was in the center of the blocks.

So I thought I had decided on the black sashing, with white stars so yesterday I machine basted four blocks together to see if I liked the size of the smaller star. See?

But now, second thoughts. Or back to my original thought. I think I prefer the black and white mix. I'll baste one of those today (maybe) and see what I think.

I am working on the cross stitching of the label for the second baby quilt. I'm a little out of practice and find that my eyesight is going. I'm using Aida 14 Waste Canvas and found that I had to use my strongest reading glasses. Old age! I will share the label next week...unless I decide it requires a "do over".


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  1. I am glad you are having a sunny day!! Your little baby quilt is darling! Enjoy the SUN!!