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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Third Quarter Finish Along

As you read in my previous post, I didn't get ANY of the four quilts finished that I had planned on for this quarter. I did make progress on two. That doesn't put me in the running for any prizes but I did learn something from each of those two, still unfinished, quilt tops.

Todays subject tho', is what quilts am I going to finish this next quarter? Again, I'm going for four. I really WANT to get four finished and I MUST get two finished before a new baby is born.

So here are my four:

Why did I pick these four? The first two have to be finished quickly for that baby. And the next two I already have the backings for. Without piecing, much! Good enough reason, huh?

And what is going to be different about this quarter? I will have my extra sewing machine, in it's new cabinet (that my lovely sister Joanne is picking up for me tomorrow!) at the beach property. Yeaaa!

So if you need some incentive and a chance to win prizes, visit the Finish Along on Flicker.


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