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Monday, July 16, 2012

Middle of July! Sigh...Middle of July

Good Morning!

Have I made ANY progress on the two baby quilts I need to have finished? Welllll, not sewing progress. Today, I promise, today, I will get one layered and basted. And I have everything I need for one. The other I did get flannel backing purchased and prewashed. I’m waiting for the waste canvas to come for the special label I will be doing. I want to get it attached to the backing before I basted everything.

Hey! On basting. I read an idea that I’m going to use today. Remember, I PROMISED, I would get one quilt layered and basted today. Layering and basting is my least favorite part of quilting. I’m sure you have heard this from me before. The suggestion was to use a floor Qsnap frame. If you have one.  I have one that has been languishing in our shop. We live on a farm so you can imagine that we are speaking of a dusty shop. I cleaned the frame up and will use it today. If I use the word “today” enough does that mean it will actually happen? I’ll report later.

I have been making progress on my scrappy, block a day, strip quilt. I thought it was a little wild, even for me, so I explored different sashings hoping that a consistent color would calm the blocks a bit. This was the first I thought of, laying in bed one morning.

But I still had to experiment.

And here are pix of the two other string blocks I “sampled” before settling on the star.

I like both the spiral and the wonky half log cabins and will probably do them at a later date.  I have lots of strings and continue to produce more!



  1. I am so hooked on string quilts right now. LOVE the ones you did with the star. Great job. The sashing is awesome!

  2. I like the first picture of sashing...with white stars. Looks VERY nice!!! Love the quilt!!!