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Monday, July 9, 2012

New "Rules" for a New Quarter

If you have been reading my posts, you know that I love to make tops. Even if I don't actually say it very often you could infer it from the fact that I make many more tops than completed quilts. I LOVE to choose fabric and I love to sew. I like to quilt and I like to do binding. I am less than enthusiastic about layering, sandwiching the layers. I get stuck there.  Here is my most recent example.

I just took this off the design wall and folded and put it away. Another UFO, flimsy, whatever and not a completed quilt. It is on my to do list. I like it. I just have too many to do's.

Anyway, once again I've said I'm going to get four quilts finished this quarter. To that end I am setting rules for myself. Different rules.  You say "You are changing the rules? Again." Wait! Didn't we just have the 4th of July, which guarantees our freedom? Which means I'm free to change my own rules as often as necessary.  This quarters self imposed rule is....I HAVE to layer and machine quilt four quilts. AND I won't start any new major, can't live another day without it, quilt. I am going to allow myself to work on a quilt, at the rate of a block a day, and it has to be from my already cut, leftover, all ready cut, strings. No cheating!

Now what am I going to do for my block a day? I save dozens of ideas to Flickr favorites and Pinterest. I have narrowed it down to three. I'll show you the one I did today. I'm not sure this is the one I will go with as it is a little time consuming, but isn't it fun? In next weeks post I will show you sample blocks of the other two and I'll tell you which one will be my block a day project.

But just a minute! Some people HATE totally, uplanned, colorful scrappy quilts. I'm warning you in advance in case you think this type of quilt is chaos and unlovely, stop now. To give you a chance to not view this block, I'm putting the link to the directions first. Read no further if you think you will be offended by a riot of color and pattern.

The block instructions came from:

And here it is.



  1. Love your block! So bright and colorful!

  2. Love your block! I could never do such a scrappy block...yet (yet means Your Eligible Too). I admire your courage to be so scrappy!!!!