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Monday, August 27, 2012

"Why don't she write?"

That was a line from "Dances with Wolves". The reason she wasn't writing is totally different from the reasons I've not been writing. I'm alive and well but there have been many Mondays when I've been at the beach. The problem with being at the beach is that I don't have a computer there. So with many weeks of retired, beach time, I've not been blogging. Today is just a quick update on where I am project wise.

I finished Amanda's quilt. Here's a picture. This one is a gift from our TOPS group to our cute younger member for her second baby. You should have seen all the great gifts she got at her shower! We have very generous members.

Here is the quilt I did for Amanda as my gift to her and soon to be born "Breanna May."

I also managed to "build" 17 blocks for the BlockLotto. The first nine give me nine chances in the drawing and the extra seven were just because I enjoyed building the blocks. This block is called "Jacobs Ladder" but in this months BlockLotto we called them "Cool Ladders". All blocks had to be with a neutral background and another color from the cool side of the color wheel.

I know! I'm a terrible photographer!

Additionally, if your remember, I was working on a scrap strip quilt and approaching it as a "block a day". If I had managed to keep on track I would have had all the blocks dones by August 10th. But that didn't happen. Here are the ones I have finished.
And yesterday I got back to them. I now have enough squares and rectangles pieced for another eleven blocks. Today I will get those eleven made into completed blocks. THEN I only have another 4 blocks to do. I may be three weeks late (beach weeks!) but I'm progressing!

And let's not forget. I commited to FINISHING four quilts this quarter which ends September 30th. So I need to get busy and layer the next two and get them quilted and bound. I think I'm on track for that goal.

Be sure to visit if you like the idea of making blocks to swap.


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  1. I really like the Brendamay quilt. I've always wanted to make a quilt in that pattern. I think what holds me back is you actually have to layout the whole thing to sew it and I;m always so ansy to get to the sewing! I really like the string quilt too. love them scrappies. cheers, Calire W.