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Monday, September 3, 2012


I did get all thirty of my scrappy stars finished. I was oh so clever and added the black and white vertical sashing to half of them (Thank goodness only half!). I did sew the the first row together and I did add the first of the horizontal sashing. But it doesn't form the  black and white stars correctly! Oop!

They should be like this!
I will be unsewing today! I will have to take the horziontal sashing off  and unsew and rearrange the pieces. And I will have to unsew some of the vertical sashings but not all of them. If I'm careful on arranging on the design wall I will be able to turn many of  the blocks  to make them work. Whew! I'm so glad I didn't finish all the sashings! Was it because I was smart? Because I was lazy? No! It was because, luckily, I ran out of the Kona Black! I was just plain lucky!


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