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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"One of These"

So a few days ago my husband asked "Are you going to build one of these for April Fools Day?" "One of these" is a table runner. Even tho' I told him the correct name I'm pretty sure he won't remember.

We have not been table runner (Heck! Should that be one word or two?) people. But this Christmas I did several as gifts and kept one for us. We really liked the way a small table runner make such an impact and have used them since. I have to admit we are still using the St Patricks Day table runner, which is what prompted the question. I assured him that I did have a new tablerunner in the works, not an April Fools Day one but a Spring one.  That wasn't quite an untruth, I did have one in the UFO pile from years ago, so I drug it out and will be quilting it today or tomorrow.

Apparently, in the old days, I equated "Spring" with pastels. I certainly am more of a brights gal now but it will still be nice to have this off finished.

Enjoy!  Toni

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