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Monday, March 21, 2011

Design Wall Monday~March 21

Where is this month going? I don't have much to say today and even my design wall is mostly "re-runs"! Back on the design wall is the 16 patch. I am to the point of moving blocks around and auditioning borders.

Off the design wall is the Tumbling Blocks. Now I'm piecing the back. Remember, this is my UFO for this month so it HAS to be fnished

And then, just for fun, as if I don't have enough going, I joined "A Blockwork Orange" on Flickr. A swap of crazy nine patches. You get back how ever many you send in. I sent in 18 but just made another 12 (I'm keeping 3) and send another 9 to swap. The pix below is representive of nine blocks and not arranged in any particular order.

And then, just for fun, I started this, because I saw and fell in love with the pink. You really can't tell but inside the white dots is a touch of orange. I just seem to be into hot, intense colors at the moment. This will be a small quilt tho', just to play with the colors.

This block really is square. There just seems to be something going on with my camera recently.
I hope you are all being productive and having FUN!


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