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Monday, March 14, 2011

Design Wall Monday~March 14

I am making progress on this months UFO. This picture is slightly different than last weeks! Actually I am "into" it now. If it weren't for a storm yesterday that left us without power for over 6 hours I probably would have had the top completely pieced. That will happen today.

This UFO has shown me the value of where we have been and where we are now. This is the oldest of the 4 UFO's I've worked on this year. What has changed? First, my quarter inch seams back then were a pretty generous quarter inch. No wonder I always had a problem matching points. I also used a much longer stitch length back then. Probably this was to allow me to easily unsew! I don't know...I'm just making things up because there was another major change between that quilt top and what I do now and one of those changes is....back then, I didn't unsew much. Hated it! Get the quilt top done was my motto!

Working on this quilt has really made me reflect on the changes in myself. Or at least in my approach to sewing. I now enjoy the process more...I no longer have a "get'rr done" and move onto the next project attitude. I enjoy every step. Even if it means unsewing. I will recut, rematch, resew, all with a relaxed attitude. I am no longer  frustrated by my mistakes. We all make mistakes. So should we ignore them, move on to the next thing, or be happy that we learned something and know what is important is doing it right? Recently we were asked in a quilters survey "What is your least favorite part of quiltmaking?" I had to give this alot of thought because I no longer have a "least favorite part". I did answer "layering a quilt" but even today, with the advent of good basting sprays I don't even mind that.

Basting spray brings to mind one other change in my quilt making method. I used to make bed size quilts. ALWAYS! All that fabric was darn expensive, the colors had to match a specific room (boring after awhile there are only so many colors in your home to match), and then, as it was so large, I would pay someone else to machine quilt it. Once, back then, someone said to me "oh! you paint the picture and someone else frames it." I said "Yes" but I really wasn't comfortable with that answer. It was a self justification. I didn't know how, nor want, to machine quilt. I wanted to start another quilt! Today, I make what I call persoanl quilts, smaller, they don't have to match a particular room, I give more away, they don't cost as much AND now I quilt them myself.  Oh! The satisfaction!

Two more quick things~ See the two stars on the design wall?  Those are being mailed to Moda today for their "Just One Star" Project in support of  the"Quilts of Valor" Program. Who can do just one star?

And if you would like to see more March 14 design walls, visit;


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