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Monday, March 5, 2012

Design Wall Monday~March 5

Good Morning!

Swoon is finished! I hesitate to show you any more pictures as I’ve taken, and shared, so many throughout the process. But….. just one more to show that it is actually done! (I know “meat is “done” people are “finished”!) I guess I should have said “Swoon is complete.” Here is a pix so you can see the quilting,the binding and how the backing looked after using the QAYG method I chose with pieced blocks and sashing.

I consider myself a fairly intelligent person but somehow I struggled with the block that is part of another Quilt Along. Granny Squares. Just a block a day:

I know the link shows a date of 2009 but it is current. Anyway, I couldn’t really get the concept of “ inner ring, outer ring” as it applies to this block. Trust me! I crocheted plenty of “Granny Squares” in my day. I thought “No problem. I will just use white for all the centers and it will be easy.”  And although I am using scraps and will be using all colors, I did red, white and blue first. Pretty snazzy looking, huh?

But not really the old fashioned look I wanted.

So I did another block…..hmmm, nice enough but still no inner and outer rings. Back to the Flickr group to see the pictures and choose the ones I LOVE and see how they do it.

Aha! I think I now have it!

Now off to play with more Granny Squares…gotta stay caught up. And also to play with the paper pieced block for the New York Beauty QAL that starts today. Only one block a week!

Don’t forget Judys Design Wall:

I love my Flickr groups! Visit them too!



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