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Monday, February 27, 2012

Design Wall Monday~February 27

Last week I mentioned “too much inspiration” and referred you to Rachels site:

The reason that thought engaged me was because I was looking at my quilt “Bucket List” (one of those phrases I’m tired of but everyone knows what it means) for 2011. Having made that list I sorta’ thought that whenever I wanted to make a new quilt, it would be something from that list. I did finish a record number of, for me, quilts last year. Both UFO’s and new quilts. And do you know how many of those quilts came from the “Bucket List”?  None!               Well sorta’ two.

I had “Circle Quilt” and I was thinking of something along the lines of the beauty found here:

But this is the only circle quilt I made.

Not as many circles as I pictured. But with this project I did learn a technique that I like for doing circles:  

I had “Spools” quilt and I was thinking of something traditional sorta’ like the one on this site:
To cross this off my list I counted this Double Hourglass. It does sorta look like spools, doesn’t it?
Do I think there is too much inspiration available? No! There are lots of opportunities to see new ideas, new fabrics, new techniques. No wonder we change out minds daily about what we want to make! So in honor of that thought….no more “Bucket List”. I will continue to do Quilt a Longs and Block Swaps and Bee’s. And I will be inspired, daily, by all the knowledge and creative people whose blogs I follow and whose pictures I see on Flickr and Pinterest and other sites. It’s an exciting time to be a quilter. And if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to finish one quilted project a month.

Oh! Before I get rid of that "Bucket List" maybe I should finish this top I made last week and cross off "Flying Geese"

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