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Monday, February 6, 2012

Design Wall Monday~February 6

Good Morning! And it is a great frosty, but sunny, morning outside Molalla Oregon!

First! We were busy Saturday and so did not stop to get our mail. Yesterday when I went down to the mail box I found a big package. I mean a BIG package!  My first thought was “I didn’t order anything.” And my second thought was “They must have put it in the wrong box.” Reading my name and then the return address didn’t help much at first, but then I realized it was a present from Kim of

Now I know the reason the word BIG is in the name of her blog! She is generous and big hearted! Last year Kim had a Flickr group called “11 in ‘11”
It was to encourage/challenge us to finish eleven quilts or quilted projects in 2011. And at the end, she rewarded us. I expected a small, squishy envelope. I mean who can afford the postage let alone the value of fabric. But look at this~

Is this not BIG? Thank you Kim! I will be sending you a real thank you but in the mean time I wanted everyone to see how generous you are!
On my design wall is the latest iteration of my Swoon quilt top. Hopefully by the end of this week I will have decided which blocks I am going to use for the front. You can see the fun comments people have made on the Flickr Swoon-a-long page On Flickr I am known as smalltown97038.

And don’t forget to visit Judys today for more quilty, design wall, inspiration.


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