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Monday, March 12, 2012

Design Wall Monday March 12

How lucky am I? I have probably only entered five give aways in two years. Last year I won two patterns (one give away) and this year I won fabric from LiMA Sews
The give away was sponsored by Sara of who is in Chicago. Besides the great fabric it was fun to find that I was getting fabric from Portland Oregon. LiMa Sews is in Portland. I’m in Molalla, OR which is about 30 miles southeast of Portland. Isn’t that fun? Funny?

Sara at Sew Sweetness is the one mentoring the New York Beauty Quilt Along.   I had only done one paper piecing project previously. I did the “LOVE” wall hanging to become familiar with paper piecing. I’d always thought paper piecing didn’t appeal to me but I was successful with the wall hanging so decided to TRY the NYB Quilt Along. I am so thrilled with my first NYB blocks!  Now I'm hooked! I didn’t like the directional fabric in the first one

But thought the colors were okay so made two more blocks.

 Still, okay, but they didn’t tickle my fancy. And lastly, I did darks and brights. I had always thought if I ever did a NYB it would be something eye catching. The reason I didn’t start with the brights? ‘cause I am (supposed to be) shopping from my stash and there really aren’t that many brights in there.  So, too bad! I guess if I want to do this quilt this way, I will have to spend money on fabric. You know I’m not crying over that!

Oh! I almost forgot. Here are the blocks I’ve finished for the GrannySquare Quilt Along. For those who don’t know, they will have sashing between the blocks.

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