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Monday, January 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday~January 2

Good Morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Isn't it great to have a date that we get to start over and try to get everything right? Okay, in my case, I "start over" many times a year but I still like the idea that it is a brand new year.

I do not have anything on my design wall. Literally! Saturday I made certain that I sewed the rainbow blocks into a top so I could count it as a flimsy for 2011.

Last year I said, several times, that I was going to get into the closet and count how many UFO's I had to complete. I never did it. Yesterday I did. The reason? Because I needed to come up with a list of UFO's to finish for 2012. I can happily report that I did finish my goal of 12 last year.

Nooowwww, this year a goal of 12 would be more difficult. The reason? Because last year I had UFO's that only required binding or were smaller projects. What is left are UFO's that are bigger AND there are none that are layered. They are all flimsys or blocks. No choosing an easier UFO when I"m having a busy month.

Back to the numbers. Last year I finished 12 UFOS.  Some dating back from the '80ies. Seen here.

But then I counted how many I started and didn't finish. Flimsys and blocks. By blocks I don't mean single blocks, I mean how many potential flimsys had I finished enough blocks for but hadn't sewn into rows and into a flimsy. Does that make sense?  See these?



Anyway, what it comes down to is that although I finished 12 UFO's last year I now have a NEW 11 projects that I've not finished! Can you believe it?

And the final number? How many unfinished projects do I have after taking everything out of the closet? Get ready! The number is much higher than I would have guessed! And remember this is after finishing 12 in 2011.  The number is 26 tops and 4 more where there are finished blocks but they are not yet sewn into a top! Incredible!

So I am reducing my goal to 10 finished UFO's and I have a goal to not generate any more UFO's than I finish. Next week I will have a mosaic of what new quilts I did start and finish in 2011.

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