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Monday, December 26, 2011

Design Wall Monday~December 26

Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or at the very least a terrific Sunday. We ate waaay too much and not just yesterday. How about the day before with trying new cookie recipes with my husband. And his failed fudge. Yes. He tried. Yes, he spent literally almost an hour trying to get the sheen off that fudge but…finally I did make the kind with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Do you think I can lose 4# by Thursday night weigh in?

Nothing new on the design wall.

My Christmas was wonderful. I feel very fortunate to be able to have family and friends close by that come and celebrate with us. They are also too generous and I feel guilty over the number of nice things I received yesterday. I won’t list them because it is too embarrassing. Really!  I will show you one as it pertains to quilting/sewing. (Ignore the industrial shelving. Although not pretty, it does a great job of holding my "stash")

 I had seen it months ago at a Senior Center craft store and had said to my Mom “If I had room, I would buy that to decorate my sewing room.”  She remembered that but by the time she went to buy it, the store no longer carried this item. But, being ever so helpful, they tracked down the original guy and he made one especially for me. And of course, you know, I will find room in my sewing room for this! Is it silly? A bit maybe, but I’m still wanting a doll bed too!

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Love and Hugs to all,


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