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Monday, December 5, 2011

Design Wall Monday~December 5

Egads! It is almost Christmas! What happened to Nov 21 and Nov 28? Okay, nothing happened to them but I wasn’t here. November 21 I just missed doing a post and November 28, we were at the beach, clamming. Having fun without a computer.  I didn’t figure you would like to see pictures of razor clams…but what the heck can it hurt?

Today I don’t have anything on the design wall…at least that I can share.  I am going to show you a couple of shots of color/fabric that I am using for Christmas gifts but I can’t share until after the holidays. Other than my sister, my husband and my Mom, everyone is getting a homemade gift this year. Even those three are getting small homemade gifts in addition to a store bought gift. There have been some great tutorials on different websites for wonderful wonderful  gifts!  I’ll share pictures and sites after Christmas.

 As for me personally?  I have one more UFO to finish this year to make my commitment of twelve and I have two quilts percolating in my mind. One will be a circle quilt of some type, probably with Kona ash as the background and a second quilt, Swoon? Or a sailboat quilt to give as a gift? I’ve been researching sailboat quilts for a while. This gift is a “just because” gift to a friend so there is no deadline. I can’t decide if I want to go with a “real” looking sailboat or this quilt that is more impressionistic. I love playing with prints and colors, more scrappy looking, but this one is stunning and appeals to me as a modern interpretation of a sailboat. What do you think? Mine would be similar but certainly without that lovely, lovely, quilting.

 I apologize a hundred, thousand times. I don’t know whose gorgeous quilt this is. I would certainly share credit next week if you do know.

I will be back next week. Hopefully with a start on the circle quilt. Visit Judys for more Design Wall Monday juiciness!



p.s. I’m putting this here hoping that not many people will see it. This is a candid picture my husband took Dec 2. Trust me…I would have put makeup on for a candid if I knew it was coming. I also would have included more quilts! Do you see four dogs? There is actually a fifth one under the covers.

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