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Monday, November 14, 2011

Design Wall Monday~November 14

Another Design Wall Monday!

I still have this scrappy quilt going on. This is all the blocks I’m going to make but I will spend more time moving them around. I’ve already “played” (I don’t consider it “playing”, I think it’s work) with them and taken six pictures and rearranged. I see at least three more moves and pictures. After that, it is what it is. I love other quilters scrappy quilts, I’m just never as thrilled with my own. I think I do planned scrappy okay but this taking anything and everything out of my 2 ½” strip box just doesn’t do it for me. I figure this quilt will be great for the picnic table.

And here are some blocks from the Heat Lightning Swap.

 If you’ve never done a swap you might consider this one. Quick blocks in colors of burgundy, pink, red, purple. Visit the group at Flickr: If you would like to join, there is still plenty of time. Or if you just want to see how the block is built and arranged see it here:

For more inspiration, pop on over to:



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