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Monday, November 7, 2011

Design Wall Monday~November 7

Not much to say today…yet! I wasn’t here last week as we were spending six days at our funky trailer “Lucy”. She is on a small lot in Ocean Park WA. We just bought her a month ago. We already own 4 other lots on which we’ve kept our OLD fifth wheel. (Not as old as Lucy tho'!) After using that for vacation for over six years, Lucy seems pretty spacious. Yes, she needs a lot of work. A fun summer project.  Heeeeere’s Lucy!

Anyway, my design wall has two things going. A swap from the Flickr group “Teal We Meet Again”

Those are the plus or cross blocks. (I like to call them the “T” blocks as my name begins with a “T”) and the Scrappy Trips Around the World. This block happens to be the one Block Lotto is doing this month

I’m not doing it as part of Block Lotto, I’m doing it on my own. This is how many blocks I have done, not the final arrangement. I’m going to treat it as a block a day and have that be my goal. It's going to be a picnic quilt. I have to say that on the wall I’ve been kinda’ “meh” about it but I like it in the picture.

Oh! “Teal We Meet Again” has a new swap going. The new one is: This just started and there is plenty of time if you would like to join us.

Be sure to visit Judys site for other exciting design walls!

I hope you enjoy the links I’ve included.


p.s. Can you say Anniversary? 32 years. My card was waiting by the computer this morning. He knows what I do first thing in the morning!

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